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Industrial/Further Processing

We specialize in supplying our industrial customers who process meat, chicken, and fish products for their customers with a variety of creative coating systems. These blends whether it's a marinade or rub, seasoned breading, pre dust or a batter, all help to create a uniform finished food product of optional flavor, texture, and appearance ready for delivery to the customer.
Blend Pak has a breading system for all applications whether, red meat, seafood, or poultry. Our Research and Development staff will work with your company to create a formulation that achieves your desired flavor profile, color, and texture. Blend Pak can also troubleshoot the process at your facility with your equipment to ensure the quality and consistency of your final products.

Foodservice/ Restaurant

Our foodservice brand, Sutherland Mills, works with all major foodservice distributors in the United States to provide quality, affordable bulk products. Our stock spices, pre-dust, batters and breading systems are available for purchase all over the United States. If your restaurant is looking for someone to blend your proprietary formula, contact us! Our innovative R&D staff is up to speed with all trending spice flavors and unique blends. 

Custom Blending

Blend Pak will custom blend and package your existing formula. Our Research and Development staff can duplicate your proprietary formula or formulate a new flavor profile that will meet your specific need. Our research expertise includes wheat flour and corn flour-based products, pre-dusts, batters, breading, special spice blends, dry marinations, gravy mixes, bakery and donut mixes, and sugar and salt blends.
*Minimum orders required for custom blends*
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